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> Leading the Board

What logic for which dynamic?

How do you organise the work of the Board?

How does a set of individuals become a close-knit team?

How do you develop the efficiency of the Board?

Lead, drive, organise the work of the Board to increase its efficiency is a major challenge to manage a Board that aims to support a company over time.


1-   Ensuring the smooth running of Board meetings

This step consists particularly in:

Firstly, supplementing or implementing the essential tools of the Board of Directors around 3 main areas:

  • Strategy: the strategic plan,
  • Operational leadership: the key operational indicators of the 3-year action plan,
  • Risk assessment: risk mapping and dynamic leadership.

Secondly, defining the internal rules of the Board of Directors, in particular planning the annual workflow of the Board of Directors to meet the challenges of the company and comply with the regulatory provisions.

2-   Develop team spirit

The purpose of this step is to support the Chairman and CEO in his willingness to implement a process for integrating new Directors through the following initiatives:

  • an induction process and one-on-one training,
  • a team-building off-site for all Board Directors,
  • the organisation of brainstorming and creativity sessions jointly with the management team,
  • the outline and achievement of an annual strategic convention.

3-   Support the workflow of the Board

This final step aims to implement a custom, professional approach to organise the workflow of the Board of Directors in line with the expectations of the Chairman and CEO.

This service can include, depending on the needs identified: training for writing up the minutes to the meeting (decisions taken by the Board, positions taken by the Directors), the training of specific Directors in the regular communication of the work of the Board and of the five-year financial plan with the financial partners of the company, supporting the search for financing, media training, coaching some of the Directors, organising thematic conferences (economy, innovation, country, niche, etc) or field trips with the participation of top management (visit corporate targets, companies /factories, geographical areas, etc).


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