Advisory in corporate governance and the recruitment of Board directors 

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> Constituting the Board

What project for which Directors?

How do you select Board Directors?

How do you choose the right profile at the right time?

How can you ensure the implementation of  a balanced, reliable and efficient Board?

At a time when the economy is increasingly driven by finance, corporate governance must be considered an integral part of lasting value creation for the company… rather than a set of rules and constraints. Our module “Constituting the Board” allows you to compose the Board most suitable to the situation of your company.

1- Developing Board basics

It is about developing, jointly with the Chairman and CEO, the internal rules of the Board that formalise, among other things, the decision-making process within the Board, as well as a director’s charter that reflects the primary values of the company.

Upon request, we offer a short training course on the compulsory legal and regulatory provisions in terms of governance (CSR, the Copé-Zimmermann law, etc).

2- Defining the profile of the Board Directors

This step consists in supporting the Chairman and CEO to define the profile of the Board Directors to recruit, by taking into account:

  • the priority themes for the company in light of its strategy,
  • the capabilities required to face them,
  • the capabilities of the Directors in place,
  • the legal and regulatory provisions.

3- Selecting and recruiting Directors

  • Member of the professional networks IFA (Institut Français des Administrateurs, or French Institute of Directors), APIA (Administrateurs Professionnels Indépendants Associés, or Association of professional independent Directors), WCD (Women Corporate Directors), Aliath ha access to an international panel of candidates for professional independent director positions.
  • Proceeding by direct approach or using its database of candidate Directors, Aliath proposes, for each profile defined, three candidates selected with care. Each candidate will have been screened for professional references in strict confidence by the services of Aliath.


Constitute a Board that supports your strategy, contact Aliath in strict confidence on +33 6 08 98 04 70.

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