Advisory in corporate governance and the recruitment of Board directors 

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> Appraising and developing the Board

What change plan for the Board?

How to track and assess the quality of the Board?

How to ensure the adequacy between the Board and the corporate mission?

What changes to suggest to the Board?

This module enables the implementation of several key performance indicators (KPI) in order to measure the quality and adequacy between the Board and the company’s mission. It also helps anticipate the necessary changes that should be made to the Board in order to align its work with the company’s strategy and draw up a change plan.

1-   Appraise the Board of Directors

Carry out, on behalf of the Chairman and CEO, an audit of the Board of Directors (on the basis of the key performance indicators of the company) to identify the strengths as well as the individual and collective drivers of change of the Board of Directors.

2-   Develop the Board of Directors

Starting with the prevailing best practices identified in the audit, this step is about establishing with the Chairman and CEO a change plan with the objective of initiating the necessary changes to the Board of directors. For instance: the creation of specialised committees, changes to the composition of the Board, the organisation of field trips for the Board and the management team, etc.


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