Advisory in corporate governance and the recruitment of Board directors 

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Directors & Candidates

To strengthen its advisory practice with corporate leaders, Aliath specialises in the recruitment of directors for medium-sized companies.

Its purpose is to support in a sustainable manner the development of companies and the professional experience of directors.

To achieve this, Aliath combines a fine understanding of the expectations of the Chairman and CEO regarding the functioning of his Board, and a day-to-day practice of corporate governance within the global and competitive market of medium-sized companies. This expertise allows Aliath to develop a mentoring approach with willing candidates/director candidates in their search for mandates and when they take office as directors.

The independent directors recruited by Aliath share the values of courage, commitment and transparency necessary to the practice of the three pillars of their function that are: constructive challenge, objective support, and dynamic supervision.

While promoting the founding principles of the firm: enjoyment, daring, and a keen sense of responsibility, Aliath is committed to supporting its candidates, director candidates, and its clients through a personal and open approach, based on active listening, mutual trust, and the complete respect of confidentiality.

Finally, Aliath has access to a network of qualified international candidates, fit to join the Boards of French medium-sized companies developing abroad or foreign companies settling in France.



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